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The Munidollar - Quick Explanation

A quick explanation of our new product, the Munidollar and how we think it will roll out to become a new and better form of digital money.

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Munidollars and Factoring

Unless you supply a large entity, the world of factoring will remain as hidden as the swipe fees that Visa and MasterCard charge merchants. But, those costs have to be paid somehow. A Munidollar program can help minimize that cost.

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Munidollars: a new asset class

If cities, counties and states took out a fresh sheet of paper, how would they arrange their financial obligations and flows? Would they think of a way to capture more of the gains in their local economies? Lower the fees? Boost economic participation? It’s already starting…

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California IOUs - A Silver Lining?

A decade ago, California had to resort to issuing IOUs to vendors for a few months. It caused some hardship because there was no financial infrastructure to support the program. But that 2009 pain may have taught us some valuable lessons.

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What are negative interest rates telling us?

With over $15 trillion in government bonds trading at negative yields, the market is telling us a number of things. We should probably listen.

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California’s Public Bank concept demonstrates solid lateral thinking

California is opening up new ways for its big cities to manage their economies and finances. Innovation is about to happen in our cities and counties.

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